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How To Make Your Home Feel Bigger & Brighter

Feeling relaxed and comfortable in your home often comes down to your surroundings. While well-designed and spacious rooms create a calm atmosphere, cramped spaces can have the opposite effect – especially if you’re using the same area for cooking, working and unwinding.

Luckily, you don’t need to embark on a complete revamp of your home to make it look and feel bigger, brighter and more inviting. You can make the most of your space with a few budget-friendly tips and tricks, from refreshing your soft furnishings and colour scheme to updating your lighting and focusing on statement ornaments.

Start With A Declutter

If there’s one change that will help your home feel bigger and brighter, it’s decluttering. It might not be your favourite activity, but sorting through your clutter is a brilliant way to reclaim your space. Even large rooms can look busy when they’re full of bits and pieces!

To make the process seem more manageable, choose one room at a time and organise as you go. While you can recycle and donate pieces you no longer need, any items you want to save should be stored in storage boxes to keep your rooms neat and tidy.

Giving you more space to think, work and workout, you might even find that you enjoy your decluttering experience!

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Pick Light & Bright Colours

The colour scheme of your home can have a significant impact on how big or small it feels. To maximise your space and open up even the smallest of rooms, decorate using light and bright colours.

While white walls are a classic choice, muted blues, mellow yellows and sage greens are other stylish options that reflect light and help your home look bigger.

Accessorising with soft furnishings in similar shades is another easy way to open up your space. This can be as simple as decorating your sofa with pastel coloured cushions and throws or updating your bedroom with pale grey curtains.

Choose Lengthening
Patterns & Prints

Not only do patterns and prints add personality to your home, but they can also add height and width to your room.

To make your living room or bedroom feel bigger, embrace striped soft furnishings like cushions, duvet covers and rugs. As well as visually lengthening and widening your space, striped furnishings are a budget-friendly way of refreshing your décor.

You can also draw the eye upwards by keeping storage off your floor and placing ornaments and home accessories on vertical shelving.

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Use Mirrors To Create Space

Like bright colours, mirrors are great for reflecting the light in your home to create the illusion of extra space. However, the success of this tactic depends on the angle and positioning of your mirror.

To master mirror placement, position it opposite a window to help it capture and project light into the darker corners of your home. If the view from your window contains plenty of greenery and flowers, then you’re in luck, as these aesthetics will be projected into your room!

Embrace Natural Light

Lighting is key when it comes to making your home feel bigger and brighter. Plus, a well-lit room can also do wonders for your mood! To maximise the natural light of your space, make sure you open your curtains and blinds every morning.

A combination of table and floor lamps, decorative lighting and light-coloured ceiling shades will also help your rooms look bigger and brighter. For extra style points, choose lighting designs with natural textures like a contemporary rattan finish.

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Make A Statement

Whether it’s holiday souvenirs, trinkets or a growing collection of candles, it’s all too easy to over-accessorise your home. While this can suit larger rooms, it’s a good idea to focus on fewer home accessories if you’re short on space.

To give your rooms a focal point without overcrowding them, use one single piece of wall art or a statement ornament. This will help create the impression of a bigger home.

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