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How To Perfect The Loungewear Trend

If you thought that sweatshirts and joggers were for indoor use only, think again. That’s right, there’s a brand new loungewear trend to master and it’s all about super-soft styles and slouchy separates.

So, if comfy and casual clothing sounds like something you can get on board with, find out how to perfect the look below!

What Is Loungewear?

With the long dark nights becoming a regular fixture, we don’t want to be wearing anything other than our pyjamas.

Luckily, it’s good news for nightwear lovers as you can now leave the house without sacrificing your sweatpants.

When it comes to loungewear, tracksuits, hoodies and joggers are all in, as well as trainers, trench coats and chunky knits. The consensus is the comfier, the better.

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Ideal for relaxed days, cosy dinner dates and brunch with your friends, loungewear clothing should be easy to pull on and effortless to wear. When done right, the trend tops the fashion charts. However, when done wrong, it can look like you’ve just rolled out the bed.

Thankfully, our guide is here to lend a helping hand.

What’s The Difference Between Loungewear And Sleepwear?

You might be wondering what the difference is between loungewear and sleepwear. After all, they’re both comfortable, soft and snug. Even so, there are key contrasts separating the two.

While pyjamas and nightdresses are designed to be worn in bed (or on your sofa), loungewear was made both for lazy days and showing off to the world. For this reason, the materials used are sturdier than regular nightwear to protect you from the elements.

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Plus, although your PJs might feature Disney designs and jazzy prints, loungewear tends to be more sophisticated. Favouring stylish fabrics as well as colour-block separates, loungewear’s simplicity is what sets it apart from your sleeping ensemble.

Perhaps the number one difference when it comes to loungewear is that slippers are still off the menu – sorry!

Time To Get Started

1. The Softer The Better: Textures and fabrics play a massive part in loungewear. After all, it’s impossible to keep comfy if your clothing just doesn’t feel right. Stay clear of materials that don’t offer much stretch and instead opt for super-soft variations like cotton, velour and jersey.

2. Calming Colour Schemes: To let you slide into the laidback trend, stick to calming colour schemes in neutral or dark shades. From oatmeal and cream to slate grey, black and powder blue, these colours will kick start your loungewear lifestyle.

3. Go Supersize: Get ready to supersize your wardrobe as loungewear is all about oversized shapes and slouchy silhouettes. Not only are loose knits more flattering than tight jumpers, but they also help the trend look sophisticated. If you’re investing in new items, try buying them a size up or checking out men’s loungewear for even more choice.

4. Love Layering: Whether you team jersey tees with dip hemmed hoodies or wear multiple vest tops with longline cardigans and joggers, the trend can’t get enough of layering.

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5. Try A Tracksuit: Forget what you were told; tracksuits aren’t just for exercising! In fact, they just happen to be loungewear’s number one combo. From matching velour and jersey sets to ribbed styles, it’s time to bring your tracksuit out from the cold.

6. Stay Snug: As the temperature continues to drop, cosy clothing becomes a must. Luckily, loungewear is all about just that! Think chunky knitwear, zip-up hoodies and fluffy socks and you’ll be good to go.

7. Keep Coordinated: Loungewear doesn’t focus on a single star item. Instead, the look concentrates on an entirely coordinated outfit. Have fun experimenting with your favourite styles to create a comfy and cool get-up that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

8. Think About Footwear: Since your clothing is so casual, you’re going to need to consider your shoes carefully. Remember, slippers are still a step too far! Thankfully, chunky trainers are 2019’s top pick and offer more than enough in the comfort.

Sit Back & Relax

As you’re already wearing an outfit prepped for relaxing, it makes sense that your home is set-up for it as well. To continue the cosy vibe, make sure you accessorise with plenty of cushions, throws and candles.

For bedroom décor that will make staying in the new going out, try pairing fresh cotton duvet covers with grey cushions and textured throws. Pop on a film and light some vanilla-scented candles and you’ll have a serene and stylish space specially suited to your loungewear look. Simple!

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For more inspiration, take a look at our women’s nightwear collection, including matching pyjama sets, short pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers.