Baby asleep on bed wearing floral print sleepsuit and clutching an elephant soft toy

Safe & Snug: The Nursery Bedding Guide

‘Sleep’ is the magic word during the first year of your baby’s life. Not only do babies do most of their growing while they rest, but establishing a manageable sleeping routine will help make your life a whole lot easier.

To maximise their sleep (and yours!) you’re going to need to create a cosy, comfy and safe sleeping environment for your child. From the best cribs and moses baskets to mattress advice and baby bedding do’s and don’ts, our guide has everything you need to welcome your new arrival.

The Sleeping Set-up

The safest place for your little one to sleep is in the same room as you. While they can move into their own nursery after six months, it’s best to have your newborn close by for those precious early stages.

To ensure you both get the rest you need, spend some time choosing the right sleeping essentials. Since comfort starts with the basics, investing in a good-quality crib or moses basket should be your first step.

White cot in a room

Moses basket in a room

Cribs Versus
Moses Baskets

Luckily, there’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to cribs and moses baskets. Although many parents prefer moses baskets due to their compact size, cribs can be used for longer since they have a larger space allowance.

Whichever bed you pick, don’t forget to upgrade your child to a cot as soon as they can sit up unaided.

Baby Mattress Tips

The mattress you choose not only determines the quality of your baby’s sleep, but it also helps keep them safe. As well as picking a firm and flat mattress, make sure it fits the crib perfectly without any gaps. If you’re reusing a crib, buy a new mattress to guarantee its condition.

As with all baby necessities, waterproof styles are another key feature to look out for!

Grey baby cot mattress

What Bedding Should
A Baby Have?

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to prepare your baby’s bedding. With so much choice available, this part can get a little complicated!

So, if you’re wondering where to begin, we’ve provided some do’s and don’ts to ensure your child is safe while they sleep.

Do… Stock Up

Every new parent knows that if there’s a baby around, clothing and bedding won’t stay clean for long! Similar to stocking up on bodysuits, it’s a good idea to have at least four sheets at the ready.

To make changing your baby’s bedding a breeze, opt for fitted sheets. Easy to put on and fast to pull off, you’ll be a baby bed making pro before you know it. Plus, fitted sheets will stay in place for even the most active sleepers.

You can also create your own bedding by dividing a double sheet into crib-sized squares. It’s a case of the more the merrier when it comes to extra sheets!

White star print sheets

One grey and one white shawl, tied together with ribbon

Do… Add Blankets

Light blankets are a great option to insulate your child. Even so, any sheets or blankets you do use should be tucked below your baby’s shoulder level for care and comfort purposes.

Don’t… Use Pillows & Duvets

While blankets get the green light, anything bulky is a no-go. Duvets and pillows shouldn’t be added to your baby’s bed – especially if your child is under one year old.

If you’re worried about keeping your child warm, use a baby sleeping bag to help them stay snug.

Do… Monitor The Temperature

Babies sleep best in rooms between 16-20°C. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your baby doesn’t overheat.

We recommend using a room thermometer to monitor the temperature alongside steering clear of hot water bottles.

Don’t… Forget A Baby Monitor

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. As well as having your baby in your room for the first six months, don’t forget to invest in a baby monitor.

For extra reassurance, why not try a digital video and movement monitor? This way you can be sure your baby is safe and sound.

Tommee Tippee digital video and movement monitor

Grey all in one with a friendly bear face design

Do… Buy Adorable All In Ones

Preparing your child’s bedding is also the ideal opportunity to start selecting adorable all in ones and bodysuits. After all, beautiful bedding deserves beautiful baby clothing.

For gender-less options that can be used time and time again, opt for unisex baby clothing. From super-soft sleepsuits to must-have bibs and muslin squares, you can have fun planning their very first wardrobe.

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