Get ready for the longest day of the year with our party planning checklist

Summer Solstice: The Party Planning

Every year it seems as though the summer solstice comes around quicker and quicker. This year, the 21st of June is the day to mark in your diary. And, since it’ll be the first official day of summer, it’s worth making the most of the occasion – even if that’s just having a simple picnic in the park.

While very few of us can stay up the entire night celebrating, that doesn’t mean you can’t host an exciting get-together for family and friends! From firing up the BBQ and arranging patio furniture to making sure there are outdoor toys for kids, our checklist will ensure that hosting is a fun and fuss-free experience for everyone to enjoy.

Always Be Prepared

Since the summer solstice is all about appreciating nature, choosing an outdoor spot for your event is essential. Whether that’s your patio, garden or the local park, think about how many guests you’re inviting and how much space you’ll need.

A key thing to keep in mind is the weather. Although we wish there could be sunshine every day, sometimes things don’t always go to plan. To protect friends and family from surprise showers, it’s worth investing in a pop-up tent or a gazebo. That way nothing will be able to rain on your parade!

Make your garden the perfect place for dining and socialising with a gazebo

Make the most of the weather with a gas BBQ

Go For A Gas BBQ

If this is your first time hosting a summer solstice party, you’re probably keen to make it one to remember. A guaranteed way to ensure guests leave your event with a smile on their face is to make sure they’re well fed. And, what better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a BBQ?

While charcoal BBQs require more effort to set up, a gas BBQ will let you sizzle away with ease. Whether you’re catering for a large group or an intimate gathering, our selection come in a range of different sizes and styles to help you feed those hungry stomachs.

Pick The Perfect
Patio Furniture

Perfecting your garden set-up for events can be tricky. While you want to make sure there’s enough room for guests to move around and socialise, providing places to sit is a must.

We recommend counting how many RSVPs you’ve got and planning from there. For larger groups, why not opt for a mixture of patio furniture and a picnic rug? Offering both formal and relaxed places to sit, this combination is ideal when you’re hosting both adults and children.

Create the perfect space for socialising this summer with a bistro set

Jump into summer with a fun trampoline

Treat Kids To A

Any special occasion is a great way for little ones to make a whole host of new friends. To encourage kids to work and play together, stock up on some exciting outdoor toys like bat and ball games, football goals and frisbees.

If you’ve got a large garden, you can make the most of your outdoor space by investing in a trampoline. Just the thing to put some bounce into your summer solstice party, little ones will have hours of fun jumping around on one of our safe and durable designs.

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