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The 2019 Student Starter Set

Nerve-racking and exciting in equal measures, heading to university is a huge step for many. Not only is there a new city to explore and new friends to make, but you’ll also have new accommodation to get used to and – most importantly – a new bedroom to make your own.

It can be hard enough figuring out the academic side of things – including buying the right books, learning your timetable and stocking up on stationery – let alone sourcing room essentials.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a hassle or cost a fortune to prepare for university. Our affordable and stylish suggestions will ensure you settle into university in no time. From dreamy duvet sets and bathroom basics to decorating tips and kitchen utensils, our guide has everything you need to make your halls feel like home.

What Should I Bring
For My Room?

The few weeks between receiving your results and packing up the car can fly by. With this in mind, it’s best to be prepared when it comes to decorating your uni room. After all, picking a home décor theme is one of the most satisfying parts of moving in.

While accommodation varies from university to university, the below items are a must whatever your sleeping set-up:

Bedding Goals & Beyond

Mattress Protector: In between moving in, making new friends, and getting to grips with your course, the autumn term can be tiring. For this reason, a good night’s sleep is essential. Mattress protectors and mattress toppers are a great place to start to maximise sweet dreams.

Duvet & Pillows: Whether you prefer heavy tog duvets or memory foam pillows, finding your perfect pillow and duvet combination is key to a peaceful night.

Bedding: One quick and easy way to give your bedroom some personality is with bedding. From animal print styles and marble patterns to floral options, the duvet cover you choose can help set the mood for the rest of your room. Just remember matching pillowcases and fresh white sheets for total bedding goals.

Anti-allergy cotton blend duvet

Geometric wire table lamp

Cushions: Transforming your room into the flat hangout is simple with a few cosy cushions. Faux fur designs add a glamorous touch to any room, while textured fabrics will let you tick off one of 2019’s top trends.

Lighting: Lighting will be your best friend when it comes to mastering that snug and stylish vibe. From stringing up fairy lights to remembering a bedside lamp for late-night study sessions and reading, don’t underestimate the importance of well-positioned lighting!

Bathroom Basics

Towels: A budget-friendly way of adding a pop of colour to your bathroom, two full sets of towels should last you through uni. This season we love striking colour combinations, like our wild yellow leopard towels.

Accessories: Bathroom basics don’t need to be boring! If you’re lucky enough to have an en suite, try giving your space some charm with copper and marble bathroom accessories, including mirrors, soap dispensers, bins and toilet brushes.

Set of three yellow leopard print bathroom towels

Key Kitchen Utensils
For University

Students may be notorious for eating beans on toast every night, but having kitchen utensils at the ready will help encourage some creative cooking. Plus, making meals together as a flat can be a wonderful bonding experience. Food is definitely the way to many a flatmate’s heart!

The below kitchen tools will let you cook up a storm:

1 x Saucepan: From boiling pasta and noodles to cooking chillis and curries, a saucepan will be your go-to cooking utensil.

1 x Frying Pan: Turn into the hall’s fry-up master with a good-quality, non-stick frying pan.

Baking Trays & Pizza Trays: Sunday night wouldn’t be complete without pizza, chips and a film with new friends.

Chopping Board: The struggle to keep your communal area tidy can be real. To safely prepare meat, fish and veg, we recommend using colour-coded chopping boards.

Set of three saucepans and avocado towels

Matching white plates and mugs

Food Storage Boxes: Ideal for storing leftovers and carrying library lunches, food storage boxes will allow you to batch cook meals and keep costs down low.

Cutlery & Utensils: Make sure you have one full set of cutlery as well as those all-important wooden spoons.

Plates: You might be at university, but eating out of the pan is a step too far. Add an on-trend touch to your tableware instead by selecting matching plates, bowls and mugs.

1 x Tin Opener: Those beans won’t open themselves!

Now that your university packing list is complete, make sure you have cosy and comfy nightwear to relax in. From pyjamas and nighties to dressing gowns, slippers and loungewear, casual clothing is a vital part of every student experience.