Woman wearing a stripy beige, white and grey cardigan over a black t-shirt and black jeans

Working From Home Outfit Inspo

The question of what to wear to work has never been easy. If you’re now working from home, the workwear dilemma may have become even more difficult. Are pyjamas acceptable? Can I do a conference call in a sweatshirt? What about sportswear?

Whether you’re working from a makeshift home office, your kitchen table or your bedroom floor, our outfit inspiration will help you master the WFH dress code. From comfy loungewear looks and stylish video call options to the perfect balance between practical and professional clothing, working from home doesn’t mean fashionable workwear has to be put on pause.

Why Wear Workwear At Home?

As tempting as it is to make pyjamas the pinnacle of your workwear wardrobe, this usually has a negative effect on your productivity. Comfort may be key, but pyjamas are more likely to lead to an afternoon nap rather than an efficient working day. For a little extra motivation to plan on-trend WFH outfits, check out the following benefits:


Clothing may not be your top priority, but what you wear can have an impact on your mood. While nightwear might make you sleepy, trousers and a T-shirt will let you switch into work mode. Remember, there’s a reason why people power dress for important meetings.

Putting you in a positive mood and encouraging you to feel ready for work, getting up, having a shower and getting dressed are all valuable morning steps.

Woman wearing a coral coloured t-shirt with black joggers.
Woman wearing a white jumper with black joggers and white trainers.

Work Vs Home

Just like turning off your laptop at the end of the day helps you draw a line between work time and chill time, making a distinction between home wear and workwear can also ensure working from home feels more manageable.

If you love unwinding in a certain pair of joggers, make sure they stay part of your weekend rotation and don’t let them creep into your work selection.

Winning WFH Outfits

For many, working from home means waving goodbye to the traditional dress code of blazers and work dresses. Instead, there’s now the opportunity to choose from a more casual wardrobe.

Even so, finding the right mix of professional and practical clothing can be challenging – especially when you’re video calling from your sofa. Thankfully, planning easy to wear, WFH-appropriate outfits isn’t as hard as you might think:

Business As Usual Looks: Loungewear

Most of us have a handful of go-to work outfits, whether that’s culottes and a shirt or a formal suit. When you’re working from home, it’s a good idea to have the same effortless combinations to hand so you don’t have to stress over your look in the morning.

In the same way that a matching two-piece preps you for work in the office, there’s something about coordinated loungewear that lets you feel put together, comfy and cool at the same time. A smart step up from pyjamas, but still more relaxed than jeans, matching jogger and jumper sets are the ideal WFH look. For extra sophistication, opt for loungewear in chic cream and grey tones.

Woman wearing a beige jumper with black jeans and white trainers.
Woman wearing a mustard coloured t-shirt with lace trimmings and light blue jeans.

Conference Call Combos: Colourful Tops

In the beginning, video meetings were a technicality rather than a style issue. However, now that the logistics of conference calls and catch-ups have been smoothed out, it’s time to turn your attention to your clothing.

Since only your top half is visible on a video call, you can focus all your efforts here. Bright colours look best on camera, so stick to colour-block tops in this season’s bold shades of green, yellow and red.

Statement accessories, like eye-catching earrings, are similarly brilliant video call options. Luckily, you can still wear leggings and slippers on your bottom half – result!

Sunny Day Workwear: Summer Dresses

Without an office air-con, summer can quickly make your work environment hot and stuffy. Fortunately, being at home means you get to opt for relaxed, breathable clothing, like breezy summer dresses, camisole tops and shorts. Investing in a desk fan is another useful way to give your space some circulation.

Woman wearing a light green short sleeve dress with tie waist.
Woman wearing a navy sports bra with matching sports leggings and grey trainers.

Anytime Fitness Outfits: Sportswear

A perk of being able to work from is home is getting to slot in your fitness sessions. Whether that’s a quick HIIT workout before breakfast, a lunchtime jog or an evening yoga session, working from home allows much more flexibility with your time.

To ensure you’re ready for your sweat sessions, give your sportswear a work twist. Simply throw a black blouse over sports leggings and sports bras and you’ll be good to go!

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