Working From Home

Working From Home

From comfy WFH looks to useful and relaxing accessories for your home, we’ve got some much-needed advice that’ll make working from home as stress-free as can be.


WFH Inspiration


A selection of images showing a computer on a desk with orange and green leaves pattern on the screen and stationary around it. A door open to a back garden showing 2 chairs and a table. Living room decor with plants and photo frames on a green painted wall. Grey sofa with picture frames above and a copper lamp and vase with a plant inside a copper pot. A bedroom with yellow cushions and plant pots beside it. Spotty wallpaper with a pink chair and white table.
An artificial plant in a wicker basket next to white drawers

Interior Help

Three grey and white striped storage baskets with handles

A bright and tidy space is key to a clear mind. Use trendy storage baskets to remove clutter and utilise lamps to create a well-lit space that’ll keep you alert. Artificial plants are also a great way to add colour and keep things fresh.

Woman in white long sleeve top, black bottoms and white trainers Woman sitting in a white slogan T-shirt, pink cardigan, jeans and white trainers

Home Styles

It’s important to be productive. Make sure you’re getting dressed every day, even if it’s just cosy loungewear like joggers and sweats, to stay in a working mindset. Don’t forget to take your lunch break, and try to pop out for a walk or get out in the garden whenever possible too.