Relax outside with this stylish patio set which includes one table and three chairs

Your Ultimate
Garden Guide

If you’re looking forward to sitting back, relaxing and making the most of the warmer weather, then our garden guide is for you. Featuring plenty of affordable and fashionable picks to transform your outdoor space, including gas BBQs, garden furniture and paddling pools, we have everything you need for family fun in the sun.

Go-To Gas BBQs

There’s no surer sign of summer than the delicious smells of barbecuing food. Whether you’re hosting a large group or simply spending time with your little ones, there’s nothing quite like tucking into burgers, hot dogs and halloumi in your own back garden.

Featuring one spatula, tongs, grill brush and four skewers, these BBQ utensils are the perfect essential

This gas BBQ comes with a large grill and handy storage compartments, perfect for cooking up a feast

Since the best BBQ for each family will differ, it’s worth spending some time thinking about your priorities to ensure you end up with an option that’s right for you.

If you’re looking to quickly cook and serve, why not opt for a gas BBQ? Fast to heat up and easy to use, gas BBQs will make speedy sizzling a breeze.

Gorgeous Garden Furniture

While there’s nothing wrong with eating on a picnic rug, BBQ food is best enjoyed on comfortable garden furniture that can withstand the outdoor elements.

Perfect for storage, this wooden garden shed comes with one door and a grey roof

This grey patio set comes with a glass table and four chairs

For al fresco family dinners, try a patio set. Coming in different sizes and styles to suit both little and large gardens, a patio set will make a timeless addition to your garden. Go for wooden designs if you prefer traditional outdoor themes, or choose a colour-pop set for a more contemporary vibe.

And, if you’re short on space, you can store any excess furniture in a garden shed to bring out as and when you need it.

Pool Parties

When the sun’s in the sky, there’s no better excuse to bring out the paddling pool. The ultimate family-friendly activity, kids and adults alike will love splashing around outside.

From classic circular options to novelty alternatives, a paddling pool is the perfect pick to jazz up warm weekends and the school summer holidays.

Featuring multicoloured wings and spray spout, this unicorn pool float will make an enchanting choice for the pool

Fill and swim! This blue inflatable paddling pool features an orange rim

For an enchanting option that your kids won’t be able to get enough of, try our magical unicorn pool. With a fun spray spout and a vibrant design, this seasonal superstar is just the thing to refresh your garden.

The Finishing

If you want to add a touch of colour and excitement into your garden but you don’t want to spend a fortune, then garden accessories are the way to go.

Illuminate your garden with these fun rose-shaped lights in blue, pink, yellow and red

This colourful snorkling gnome comes with green flippers and a red hat

While cheeky garden gnomes are the ultimate fix of fun for any outdoor space, you can also experiment with twinkling outdoor lights to create a cosy corner for after-dark events.

The best thing about making the most of accessories is that you can mix and match to keep your garden feeling fresh season after season without breaking the bank.

Encourage your little one to get out and about this summer with our great-value outdoor toy selection. Featuring trampolines, scooters, bikes and swing sets, our exciting range has plenty of options they’re sure to love.