Illustration of woman on a laptop with her cat

An entire week at home – in the past we could only dream of this. Admittedly, it’s under strange circumstances. Here at George we’ve brainstormed a week of ideas to keep you entertained. Whether it’s learning a new skill or doing nothing – since time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Green square background image Text saying 'Monday, the book you've never got round to opening'

It’s been gathering dust for far too long. Enjoy a peaceful read without the interruption of time. A good book gives you access to a whole new world, ideal when being indoors gets too much.

Illustration of woman reading a book on a blanket
Light brown background rectangle image Text saying 'Tuesday, create a clutter-free space' Text saying 'Clean window Tip!'

It’s tempting to roll your eyes and leave it for another day, but hear us out. A clear home puts you in a clearer headspace. Turn-up your playlist and get it done, you’ll feel better afterwards.

Light green pentagon background images Text saying 'Wednesday, get moving' Illustration of woman performing yoga

Work up a sweat and get the endorphins flowing – we promise you’ll feel better for it. It might be a power walk with your pooch, or a virtual home workout with your pals, there’s no pressure.

Light purple background shape Text saying 'Thurday, learn a new language' Illustration of woman at a desk with a pen and paper

Pick the top location on your bucket list (and if you haven’t got one – that’s another thing to be creating) and explore a new language – keep it light, learn to order your favourite beverage. Why not learn virtually with a friend and practice a conversation.

Light green background shape Text saying 'Friday, home bake off' A Paul Hollywood quote, reading 'It's all in the fingertips!'

Satisfy your sweet tooth and get your creative juices flowing with a home Bake Off. We all love an excuse for a treat.

Yellow background shape Text saying 'Saturday, start a blog on a vlog' Illustration of a woman at a desk watching an image on screen

From fashion and fitness to parenting we all have something to share. Spend some time creating a website or video channel where you can post your advice with others. With so many free tutorials and apps on how to get started it has never been easier to learn something new.

Purple circular background shape Text saying 'Sunday, games night' Illustration of a family playing a board game

Dust off your favourite family board game and get competitive. Dedicate a night each week and take it in turns to choose the game. Snacks highly desired, mobile phones not allowed.