Grey sofa with an assortment of cushions, a yellow chevron throw and a side table with accessories including a candle and plant

Interior Top Tips For Wellbeing At Home

With modern, busy life becoming evermore demanding, it’s increasingly important to have a soothing space to come home to. Crucial to our wellbeing, a welcoming and clutter-free environment can encourage you to recharge after a long day and be a source of comfort.

From choosing calming colours and maximising natural light to refreshing your layout and updating your bedding, our top tips will transform your home and help boost your mood.

Go Clutter-Free

A room full of clutter makes it difficult for your mind to focus. It can also be impossible to feel at ease when you’re surrounded by chaos. For this reason, organising and tidying your home is a great first step towards improving your wellbeing.

If you’re unsure where to begin, de-cluttering guru Marie Kondo recommends only keeping items that bring you joy. While this approach can seem a little strict, the principles embolden you to donate and recycle items you no longer need. Follow the well-known phrase “clear room, clear mind” and you can’t go wrong!

Anything you do decide to keep can be placed in storage boxes to maintain a neat and tidy set-up. At the end of this therapeutic process, your home (and your mood) will be calmer before you know it.

Five clear storage containers stacked on top of each other
An assortment of cushions on a blue chair next to a floor lamp and plant

Choose Soothing
Colour Schemes

From the clothing you wear to the décor you choose, it’s surprising how much colours can impact your mood. For a soothing home, opt for accessories and décor in cool creams, neutral tones and pastel colours.

One of 2020’s top home trends, pale blue is also popular for its peaceful properties. Just mix and match with blue velvet cushions and throws to inspire that special serene vibe. Picking rugs, curtains and furniture in neutral shades will also make your rooms instantly look lighter and brighter.

Maximise Natural Light

Maximising the natural light of your home is brilliant for increasing your energy levels and encouraging a positive mindset. To make sure you get as much sunlight as possible, open your curtains and blinds each day and keep tall objects away from windows.

Another handy trick is getting creative with mirrors. Reflecting natural light and opening up spaces, a well-placed mirror can completely change the ambience of any room.

Semi-circle shaped fringe detail mirror
A double bed with blue printed bedding, a pink and purple throw, an assortment of cushions and a side table with a lamp and other accessories

Refresh Your Layout

Originating in ancient China, ‘feng shui’ aims to help people live in harmony with their surroundings. A key element of feng shui is promoting a balanced environment. Although this sounds complicated, you can easily improve the flow of your home by refreshing the layout of your rooms.

To effortlessly incorporate some feng shui into your space, ensure beds and desks are facing doorways and that entrances are kept free from furniture – simple!

Update Your Bedding

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important ingredients for your wellbeing. While we can’t guarantee that you get your full eight hours a night, we can help you prep your bedroom to encourage sweet dreams.

Alongside ensuring your mattress and pillows are the right firmness, update your bedding with crisp white duvet covers. Although it will be hard to resist such a snug set-up, try to only be in bed during the hours you want to sleep.

Avoiding screens before bedtime can also improve the quality of your sleep, so put away that phone!

White double duvet bed set
An artificial plant in a white pot

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Even a few minutes a day spent outside can put you in an optimistic mood. If you don’t have a garden or you drive to work, focus on bringing the outdoors inside instead.

From arranging herb pots on your windowsill to using houseplants and artificial flowers, these decorative details will keep your home feeling fresh even on the gloomiest of days. There’s nothing like a touch of greenery to put a smile on your face!

Try Comforting Scents

Unwinding after a busy day can be difficult – especially when you’ve got a million and one other tasks to complete at home. To help you recuperate, accessorise your home with soothing scented candles. Creating a tranquil atmosphere, our favourite scents include lavender, eucalyptus and vanilla.

All that’s left to do is string up some fairy lights and you’ll be well on the way to relaxation!

A vanilla frosting scented Yankee candle in a glass jar

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