A blanket fort decorated with twinkle lights, a fluffy white rug, and an assortment of cushions & teddy bears

Comfy shade to nap in, soft cushions and twinkly fairy lights: we think duvet forts are the picture-perfect way to unwind.

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Illustration of a teepee style fort The Teepee

Bundle up a couple of bedsheets with a rope and suspend them from the ceiling for a quick and easy mini-retreat with enough room for the whole family.

Secret Hangout Small child wearing a pink dress in a fort made from her cot and a blanket, reading a book
Small child wearing a pink dress in a fort made from her cot and a blanket, surrounded by teddies
Illustration of a washing line style fort The Washing Line

Perfect for creating a cosy sanctum from the world, made from washing line and blankets secured with handy clothes pegs. Try it indoors suspended from picture hooks, or kick back in the garden by hanging it between two trees.

Child in a blue jumpsuit and sunhat sitting on a rattan chair in an outdoor blanket fort, complete with decorative string lights, candles and plants
Add A Little Sparkle Small childing wearing a dusty pink jumpsuit sitting in a fort made from a cheetah print blanket, decorated with string lights, a lion cushion and a cheetah teddy
Illustration of a chair and blanket fort The Classic

Created from two sturdy chairs with sheets or blankets draped over them, the classic blanket fort is the old school way to kick back in style. Add some fairy lights for extra twinkly style.